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PUG Technologies Inc

At PUG Technologies Inc., we thrive on building stylish, durable and reliable electric all-terrain wagons, pallet trucks and utility carts are uniquely designed to maximize efficiency and reduce safety hazards in the workplace.. Let us help, get in touch today.

Electric Pallet Trucks & Utility Carts

Don’t LUG it, if you can PUG it!

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PUG Technologies Inc. produces innovative and inventive solutions to maximize use of time and energy during the work day, with an attempt to reduce work load and improve health and safety concerns. We collaborate with customers and engineer rugged electric vehicles that are clean, energy efficient and easy to use. 
We are dedicated to build reliable work place utility trucks and carts technologically superior and still affordable.
Do you need something special? Get in touch. Let us help.

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Although many of our vehicles fit repeating specifications, on occasion, unique requirements demand a creative approach. At PUG Technologies Inc, we are skilled in developing new products that fit specific needs. Inquire below if you require assistance.

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"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

Albert Einstein

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PO Box 54, Tees, AB T0C2N0

(403) 505-2713

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